Revitalize Your Essence with an Ayurvedic Cleanse!

Ayurvedic Cleansing, a dance with the elements, is your ticket to mastering your energy, syncing with nature's rhythms, and embracing a state of profound well-being. It's like a gentle, loving transition into fall, where clarity, lightness, and ease become your companions.

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This is for you if you are feeling...

Out Of Balance?

Are you holding on to extra weight?
Battling Sleepless Nights, Focus Woes, or Morning Gloom?



Well, guess what? An Ayurvedic Cleanse might be your secret recipe for rejuvenation!


Ayurvedic Cleanse Benefits 



Boost your energy, lose excess weight, strengthen immunity, tone your nervous system, detoxify and nourish.

Mental/ Emotional

Remove brain fog, stuck or stagnant energy, create balance and harmony, feel grounded and create stability. 



Be a part of like minded community, reconnect with a sense of inner peace, feel deeply nourished and supported.


I'm In!

What's Included?

  • 📅 21 Days of Support (5-Day Pre-Cleanse, 7-Day Full Cleanse, 7-Day Post Cleanse, 3 Months of Rejuvenation)
  • 🔍 One Hour Zoom Personalized Ayurvedic Assessment and Plan
  • 📞 Three Group Calls
  • 🧘 Movement Practices
  • 🧘‍♂️ Meditations
  • 🍽️ Delicious Recipes
  • 🛒 Personalized Cleanse Shopping List
  • 👥 Access to the Private Group
  • 🤝 Full Support and Guidance as You Embark on this Blissful Nourishing Journey

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Your Guide

Jeanette Sealy is an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist who has been teaching the art of Yoga and Ayurveda for over a decade. She offers Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga  Mentorships, Classes, Workshops, and Retreats. It's Jeanette's mission to teach and empower others to live the lives they want. She shares her deep love of the healing arts to help restore greater health, ease and joy …body, mind and spirit.

Yes!! I'm ready!

"It’s been life changing. Ayurveda has been on my radar and I'm wishing I came to it earlier in my life." 

“I want to continue. I know I’m going to make the kitchari at least once a week. Or even do the whole day! And I’m in love with ghee!"


“This was a chance for me to really notice myself and notice my body in a very quiet place what a gift it is to be able to give my body an Ayurvedic cleanse”

"I am so grateful I did this! Thank you for holding such beautiful space. It feels like a total uplevel!"