The Alchemy of Trauma

This 12-week course is designed to help practitioners understand and alchemize trauma into empowered confidence, self-agency, and radical well-being. Through a combination of group work, individual reflection, and experiential learning, participants will explore the ways that trauma can impact their lives and learn tools for turning pain into power.

By the end of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of their own trauma and how to heal it. They will also be equipped with the skills and confidence to support others in their journey towards healing.


What you'll get:

  • Awaken a deep understanding of the impact of trauma on the nervous system and tools for resilience
  • Discover Somatic embodiment practices to heal and restore grounded stability after a traumatic event
  • Understand how to step into relationships with empowerment, discernment, and loving boundaries

    This Alchemy course will focus on four main pillars if healing trauma:

    1. Cognitive - this pillar is all about psychoeducation. Understanding trauma and the nervous system and gauging how traumatic experiences shape behavioral patterns. Cultivating self-compassion practice as a means for self-healing.
    2. Somatic - working with mindfulness practice, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Polyvagal techniques we will discover how to create a sense of embodied resilience.
    3. Spiritual - discover the links with ancestral trauma, the Shamanic concept of soul loss, the wounds of the spirit, and engage in a framework of embodied spirituality to "make sense" of the traumatic experience(s).
    4. Relational - we will be exploring collective trauma and grief, the importance of community in restoring safety, sharing story as a means of healing, and the power of co-regulation.

    It is an overview with the ability to go deeper with one on one sessions and peer-to-peer connections. It will all be delivered live through Zoom and will qualify for 20 hours of trauma education with Yoga Alliance, 6 hours with FSMTB including ethics, and in process with IAYT.


    What Will You Receive?
  • You will receive lifetime access to the full course and digital learning library
  • Asynchronous training with 6 live sessions over twelve weeks and 6 pre-recorded modules with in depth content
  • Bonus Material and Embodiment Sessions
  • Guided meditations
  • Aroma-point Therapy Trauma Triage Guide
  • Community Connection - access to our growing community of trauma informed healing professionals



This does not take the place of counseling and we recommend you have other systems of support in place. This is not intended as medical advice and should be taken as such. This is meant to be used as a tool for personal development and developing a trauma-sensitive practice for those who are caregivers and providers.

I acknowledge that these sessions may bring up things that are uncomfortable and challenging and I am participating at my own discretion. I will disclose any psychiatric issues or medications I am taking, all relevant life experiences, and not anything that is distressing. I release Jeanette Sealy Yoga Therapy from any liability and take full responsibility for my own well-being.

There are no refunds available as this is a digital product.


What People Are Saying:

Jeanette showed me how to heal invisible wounds. She helped me also with back pain and left me with new ways to stay healthy.

Peter Gonsalves, Vietnam Veteran

"Jeanette is a golden soul, pure hearted, very spiritual, talented, knowledgeable and highly experienced. She lives and breathes , walks her walk and talks her talk -with authenticity."

Arathi Reddy, Theta Healer

Jeanette’s students were all just so amazed by the gentleness and the soothing voice and the strong leadership that Jeanette led with. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in all different healing domains and Yogic traditions. Study Yoga with her and enjoy every moment.

Avital Schreiber Levy, Mindful Parenting Coach

$750.00 USD