$27.00 USD

Ayurveda For Summer


What you'll receive:

  • Understand how diet and lifestyle can enhance your vitality, support inner harmony, and cultivate sensual pleasure 

  • Discover potent herbal support and botanical elixirs to help with gut and hormonal balance

  • Learn 3 transformative Yogic practices for softly landing into this season of fire


This is not intended to replace medical advice


What People Are Saying:

Ayurveda has been a completely new skill for feeling the way I want to feel. It is so simple and feels like I've known this all along but didn't have the tools.

Tania S.

The wisdom that Jeanette shared transformed my relationship with my body! I have more energy, stamina, and interest in life.

Nicole Q.

I am so much more aware of my emotions, what they are telling me, and how they influence my choices and the way I experience life!

Angela R