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Are you longing for a getaway but overwhelmed with all the to do's of life?

Do you have children and want to engage them in enriching experiences throughout the world?

Are you craving some alone time, but not too much alone time? 

Have you ever felt that you need a vacation from your vacation?

This may be for you!!


The Lotus Experience offers family friendly Yoga retreats where you and your children can discover a world of joy, novelty, and deep connection with nature and each other!


I created The Lotus Experience after spending over 12 years as a single mother. In this time, I attended multiple Yoga trainings with my children in tow. I longed for a place for them to land so I could find space to reset, recalibrate, and receive nourishment. 


In 2017, The Lotus Experience was born. I birthed my long time dream of creating this space for parents, particularly mothers, to receive the community and support we so deeply need. 


The Lotus Experience offers holistic retreats, and creates sacred space for people, partners, and families to deepen their connection with themselves, each other, and nature.


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