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 Have you been struggling with lack of clarity, feeling spread too thin, stuck in the dollar-for-hour paradigm, or just trying to keep up and do it all...?

We are here to tell you there is a more easeful way. You can take all of who you are and build a business model that is authentic, sustainable, and fun!

Join us for this Masterclass where you will learn all that and more.


Learn how to narrow your focus and attract your soul clients.


Understand the value of what you offer and charge your worth.



Refine your message and share with ease. 


You’re just a few steps away from understanding the transformation you offer and creating your dream business.

Meet Your Guides

Jeanette Sealy

Jeanette is a life doula specializing in ushering women through life’s moments of transition. She has over 20 years of experience working in Hospice and long-term care creating wellness programs and teaching caregivers to cultivate quality of life.  Jeanette is an internationally certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and community weaver. She is an Air Force Veteran with a strong aptitude for technology who ran a multi-million dollar Recreation Therapy business for almost ten years.

She helps conscious women who are healers, caregivers, visionaries, and leaders go deeper into their evolution so that they have the support, systems, and tools to reach a heightened level of inner peace, sovereignty, and spirituality.

Summer Deaver

Summer is a creative community organizer, leader, and teacher who has over two decades of experience leading diverse groups of people in life-altering transformation through awareness practices.   

Summer has worked in the nonprofit sector bringing yoga and mindfulness to marginalized communities, incarcerated youth, and public education.  She has trained hundreds of yoga, mindfulness teachers, and reiki practitioners who work all over the world to support the awakening of consciousness.  

Summer believes fervently in the power of true presence and brings daring, loving-kindness to her work and mentorship with community members and professionals of all kinds.

From Summer and Jeanette:

To us, your success is personal,

You’re not in this alone.


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Learn how to take all that you know, all of your wisdom and experience, all of your training and expertise, and weave them together to create even more impact in the world.

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The best thing about working with Jeanette came from her knowledge and experience of growing her own yoga business. Her years of study any growth in the wellness community helped her lay out a course that was clear and easy to follow.

- Stacy J


I cannot recommend this course enough! I'll be taking it again. Jeanette creates such a supportive, beautiful space where she weaves yogic philosophy and business with skill and grace.⁠⁠

-Clarissa C


If you’re looking for a teacher who’s brilliant, heartfelt, and compassionately strategic in their approach, you’ve found a home in any of Jeanette’s classes. Her knowledge and guidance are top-notch. You’ll be satisfied the whole way through!⁠⁠

-Lisa E

 Finally, learn to weave all of your passions into one offer. 


Tap into your unique blueprint where zero competition exists. 


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