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Take Your Teaching To The Next Level with practices that are trauma-informed, empowering, and sustainable for your clients

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Jeanette Sealy Yoga Therapy is an accredited IAYT continuing education school for certified Yoga Therapists and a continuing education provider for Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are seeking more confidence in your ability to step into your fullness as a Yoga Teacher
  • You are looking to find your authentic voice
  • You want to keep your students safe and skillfully adapt the practice to all levels and abilities
  • You long to go deeper into Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience, Ayurveda, and Yoga Tradition
  • You crave the support of a like-minded community
  • You're ready to uplevel your expertise and enter into expansive states of growth and abundance

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The Yoga Therapy Mentorship empowers you with knowledge, practical application, and support. You'll experience a deep dive into Yoga Therapy and gain the tools you need to take your practice and teaching to the next level.


Yoga Therapy – philosophy, practice, and client assessment through a trauma-informed lens.


Your understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Neuroscience


Your ability to serve people of all ages, skills, and abilities with confidence and ease

Hi, I'm Jeanette

I'm a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner, Ayurvedic Guide, and Soul Tender. Almost three decades ago, I began practicing Yoga. Like so many, it started merely as a physical practice but soon revealed something much more profound. My love affair with Yoga had begun, and I couldn't get enough. It became an ever-continuing journey of finding myself. 

Fast forward ten years and a myriad of styles later, a severe knee injury led me to seek out a Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with the brilliant Sudha Allitt, Ph.D. Through this more in-depth exploration, I learned the true healing potential of Yoga. I started to weave breath, chanting, and meditation into my daily life. My practice became my liberation and offered me healing on every level. I became passionate about sharing it with others and have been studying with brilliant teachers ever since.

Today I'm mentoring, teaching, holding retreats, and offering online courses. I'm so blessed to be able to help people awaken and heal every single day. My practice has ebbed and flowed for more than two decades and has thrived during both good times and bad. I've been privileged to train teachers and healers in Anatomy, Yoga Therapy, and Touch to help them create a trauma-informed, inspired, and sustainable practice. I've been recognized as a thought leader and change maker by some of the industry's best teachers. I am blessed to share this technology with so many.
But what's most important is that I'm fulfilling my Dharma: to help people awaken to their highest potential and discover their unique mission in this world.

"I was privileged to work one on one in a mentorship (with Jeanette) allowing for freedom to dive into my desired areas of interest. A mentorship with Jeanette is a lifetime of knowledge and a gained mentor for life. This training has elevated my teaching. Highly recommend."

Heidi Breiland
Yoga Teacher, Business Owner

"I invited Jeanette to teach in our professional training programs and to provide her own trainings through my organization, Kula Kamala Foundation. Jeanette has offered intelligent instruction, guidance and commentary on topics ranging from anatomy to spirituality, and from the complexities of pain and suffering to the efficacy of holistic modalities as aids in healing and awakening to our human potential. She consistently interacts with students in a way that they have said “makes complicated topics easier to understand”, “is joyful and fun but also grounded” and “offers great insights into the anatomy of Yoga.” Students have continually shared that they enjoy and benefit from their time with Jeanette. They, and I, see her as an inspiring, compassionate, and intelligent person and teacher, who has much to share with others. Especially those who are seeking to become truly skilled as teachers of Yoga."

Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati
Founder Kula Kamala Foundation and Ashram

"Jeanette’s students were all just so amazed by the gentleness and the soothing voice and the strong leadership that Jeanette led with. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in all different healing domains and Yogic traditions. Study Yoga with her and enjoy every moment."

Avital Schreiber Levy
Founder, The Parenting Junkie

"Jeanette holds space for all of her students so beautifully. Anyone who gets a chance to work with her will come away with new perspective and healing."

Angela Sidlo
Author, Founder Waves of Change Wellness

"Jeanette is a golden soul, pure hearted, very spiritual, talented, knowledgeable and highly experienced. She lives and breathes , walks her walk and talks her talk -with authenticity. "

Arathi Reddy
Founder, Golden Sage Therapeutics

"Jeanette is a caring and skilled teacher & practitioner, who excels in all she does. I highly recommend her. "

Diane Todd
Founder, Holistic Health Connect

In This 12 Month Mentorship

You Will Receive

Weekly Mastermind Calls where you will receive unconditional love and deep support for your process. 

Lifetime access to content in our digital learning library via the Kajabi course portal and google Drive.

Inclusion in our private Facebook Group, our Membership Kula, along with discounted access to all workshops, classes, and online courses.



Module One - Svadhyaya and The Eight Limbed Path 

Module Two - Creating a Soul Aligned Business

Module Three - Sacred Anatomy and The Subtle Body

Module Four -  Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics

Module Five - Foundations of Ayurveda

Module Six - Yoga Therapy in Practice

Module Seven - Understanding Pain and Neuroscience

Module Eight - Yoga for People With Trauma, Resilience and the Nervous System

Module Nine - Sequencing, Themes, and Skill Development 

Module Ten - Introduction to Classical Tantra

Module Eleven - Shadow Work and the Wounded Healer

Module Twelve - Cultivating Sacred, Brave and Inclusive Spaces 

Learning Objectives

✨ Enhance your ability to empower others to create their home practice

✨ Apply the foundations of Yoga Therapy  (philosophy, client assessment, and practice) in your work

 Dive deep into Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Neuroscience

Understand how to adapt asana and pranayama for people with common conditions and how to prevent injuries

 Demonstrate the ability to refine your teaching to create accessible classes for all 

 Create an Ayurvedic routine to support your lifestyle

✨ Discover how to apply Ayurvedic principles to Yoga classes

Skillfully weave themes throughout your offerings

✨ Learn how to meet the needs of the individual in private sessions and group settings 

Give and receive physical adjustments and deconstruct the mystery around touch

Feel confident navigating the ethics of teaching Yoga

✨ Enhance your business acumen and gain clarity on how to serve at your highest level

✨  Learn how to weave Yoga philosophy into your work and teach in a way that honors the tradition

✨ Discover how to include all of you in your work and create a signature offer

✨  And so much more


Bonus Offer


Your Guide To Technology

Want to create virtual courses? Take your classes online? Discover ease and flow when you understand the technology that works for you.

Bonus Two

How To Host A Yoga Retreat

Do you want to host retreats? Learn everything you need to know - from planning to facilitating epic and memorable experiences for your guests.

Bonus Three

Aroma Point Therapy

A guide to this beautiful and profound practice of using essential oils on acupuncture points. A perfect addition to any Yoga class or private session.

If You're Anything Like Me...

  • You are READY for more
  • You know that teaching Yoga is just the starting point of your brilliance and soul's purpose in the world
  • You desire to serve from the heart in a trauma-informed, therapeutic way 
  • You want to create beautiful, peaceful, accessible spaces for your students
  • You desire the confidence and presence to share Yoga with authenticity and ease
  • You want to connect with a like-minded community and feel supported by your global village

Dear One,

I see you.⁠ ⁠

The work you've been doing⁠ ⁠

The journey you've taken to healing and sharing your art...⁠ ⁠

The pivoting you've done,

the mastery of your craft,

and the trying on of so many different hats...⁠ ⁠

The incessant self-doubt: ⁠ ⁠ Am I worthy enough? ⁠ ⁠

How do I actually make a real living as a Yoga Teacher today??⁠ ⁠

Why would anyone choose to work with me, specifically, when it is so easy to take online classes with _____________ (you fill in the blank)?⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Let me tell you, dear Heart, ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

You ARE good enough! ⁠ ⁠

People do want to study with you. ⁠ ⁠

You are a magnificent tapestry of experiences and talents;

your gifts are needed in the world!⁠ ⁠

It is time to call in the life you’ve been dreaming of.⁠ ⁠ It doesn’t take a huge investment, and it's ok if you've tried and failed.⁠ ⁠ Time runs in a spiral, and this moment is perfect⁠.

⁠ ⁠It isn’t as hard as it seems when you have someone guiding you through it.⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Your service in the world is more important now than ever before. ⁠ ⁠

Frequently Asked Questions

The Yoga Teacher Mentorship empowers you with knowledge, practical application, and support. You'll experience a deep dive into Yoga Therapy and gain the tools you need to take your practice and teaching to the next level.

I'll help you cultivate your innate gifts and apply them to your classes with the confidence that you are giving your students a transformative experience.

Most of all, you will strengthen what Yoga means to you and use that understanding to up-level your current offerings and step into the life you imagine.

You will receive the support of a like-minded community of teachers, the skill and mentorship of Jeanette Sealy who has thousands of hours of training, 27 years of Yoga experience, and a dedicated heart to your growth and success. 

The cost of the year-long program is $3,027. it is important to us that this is accessible for all so do reach out about payment plans and scholarships. 


Once you sign up, you will receive instant lifetime access to the course. You will also receive access to our Membership Kula, digital learning library, private Facebook community, along with workbooks, journal prompts, playlists, digital marketing strategies, ethical business practices, guided meditations, Yoga practices, and so much more to support your practice and teaching as you expand into your full potential.

The Yoga Mentorship is exclusively online. We use Kajabi as our hosting platform so you will have the ease of using an all-in-one platform along with an app to keep up with the content on your phone and lifetime access to course materials.

There are twelve modules that take place over the course of twelve months. The weekly calls are to support you in the completion of each module, offer time for Q&A and sharing. Each lesson is broken into parts for better integration and assimilation of the concepts. 


The mentorship for 2024-2025 officially begins in June. It is designed to take you steadily through the process of clearing sacred space, visioning, building a strong foundation, creating systems of support, and deepening your understanding of Yoga.



The mentorship program is a 150-hour program that takes place over the course of one year.  We meet every week for live calls, q&a, practicum, completion, and practice teaching.  The calls last 90 minutes and are all recorded. We recommend you set aside about 10 hours weekly to review and integrate the material and complete the coursework. There is a 3- part practicum and seva project that will take approximately 20 hours.



Partner with a trusted mentor

Yoga teacher training is beautifully transformational and overwhelming. There is so much information and life-changing practice that often times students leave feeling like they only understood a portion of the program. Learning to integrate the power of the teachings takes time and guidance that extends well beyond your graduation from YTT. The Yoga Therapy Mentorship gives you the tools, support, and confidence you need to step fully into your purpose. 

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