Episode Two | Our Why and Pillars of Creation

Season #1

Both Jeanette and Kate were led on a long healing journey that has enriched their lice and the lives of those they serve. Discover how they have led parallel paths that have brought them into this offering of the Nourish Collective where they will hold these seven pillars as the cornerstone of the content you will find here.1. 

  1. Life as a ceremony - conversations and education around restoring ritual to everyday life
  2. Hold sacred space and create inclusive containers for transformation
  3. Nutrition, herbs, and holistic living as a means for radical well being
  4. Explore the roots of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda 
  5. Deepen our understanding of Trauma and Resilience
  6. Cultivate conversations around birth, sex, and death
  7. Explore the magnificence of human potential through story telling

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