Episode Ten | Illuminate The Magic Within

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Kate and jeanette gather to wind down this transformational year, our first year of the Nourish Collective. And gathering to the space to share some of our own winter solstice rituals, our practices, and ways. Offer an acknowledgment of grace towards everything that came forward from this year.

The closing of the year and the winter cycle is such a beautiful time for reflection and turning inward, cultivating that deep integration of everything that's happened and the sacred pause that we can take before jumping into everything that is going to come to just honor that honor and practice awareness and deep self-compassion

When we apply it to seasonal living and cyclical living and the winter solstice is just that. It's honoring the time, the invitation for rest, for that pause before we return to the light and move towards spring, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Join us as we explore one of our favorite times of the year.


Timing of light exposure affects mood and brain circuits

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